Wednesday, 3 November 2010

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Donetsk - cheaper than London

A few weeks ago in a rare and brief moment of having nothing to do at work (haha) I decided to plan a trip based around attending an away Champion's League game. Shopping around I discovered that tickets to Arsenal's (and hopefully my) visit to Shaktar Donetsk tonight cost a mere £4. And that's through official channels, - imagine how little it might cost if you simply turned up in the Ukraine and asked "daite, pozhaluista, odin bilet" ("give me, please, one ticket").
    The idea then occured, what if you (I) were to attend home and away Champion's League fixtures, trying to gauge if the latter might indeed be cheaper than the former. Obviously I can't afford to do this, so I'm offering an appeal to any publication or television production company that would care to fund it. I'd be willing to take any means of transport available (hitching has obvious TV potential..) and hide in the toilets if necessary. I'd also wear an Arsenal shirt and/or one of those long managerial puffa coats for the full trip if the backer bought me one/both.
    The cheapest ticket for Arsenal's next home Champion's League game, against Partizan Belgrade next month, is £39, and I live in Manchester so would have to get there and back and spend the night somewhere. I have a fake young person's railcard but let's assume I don't, therefore a return train ticket is 66 quid and when you factor in one night in a central-ish hotel and ten pints at London prices then it all adds up to a fair whack. On the other hand the Comfy House Guesthouse in Donetsk has private rooms for €12 a night and free morning coffee. Sound good? I better get my skates on!

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